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10 Best Silent Mouse for Gaming in 2020

For a casual gamer, a mouse is just a mouse. But professional gamers know that a lighter mouse can improve the experience and their performance. This is why the search for the best silent mouse for gaming is never-ending. Numerous innovations and iterations to the basics are always coming up year after year, challenging the norm […]

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Best Mouse for CAD 2020 – Enhance Your 3D Modeling

For designers, using the best mouse for CAD is highly imperative. A mouse is a commonly used peripheral device in computers; therefore, purchasing one entails careful selection. With the right mouse, designers can secure their comfort all through the grueling eight hours of work time. When choosing a mouse for drafting, consider looking for an excellent […]

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Laser vs. Optical Mouse – Which One Wins?

For the average computer user, the intricacies of the mouse they are using are not important. As long as it allows one to click around on things across their screen at a good speed, most users are satisfied. However, there are certain users who require their mice to have special characteristics which suit their use […]

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How to Learn AutoCAD Online for Free?

For those who don’t know, AutoCAD is a computer-aided 2D and 3D design software that is often used to create blueprints for buildings, bridges, and other infrastructures. This is one of the handiest tools for an engineer or an architect. If you happen to be in that line of profession or are interested in going into […]

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