Best TV for Bright Room – Anti Glare TV’s of 2021 (Reviews)

A TV that produces glare and shine can be uncomfortable to watch regardless of the angle from which you view the pictures. You can apply some methods to mitigate the glare, such as reducing the light in your house or changing your room colors. Unfortunately, these may prove to be costly.

Luckily the best TV for bright room TV will offer a long-lasting solution. Unlike other TV models, an anti-glare TV will let you experience superior picture quality regardless of the amount of light in your room. Sure, you can watch the latest football or cricket match and enjoy your Netflix movies.

Benefits of Anti-Glare TV 

If you have been squinting when viewing a TV screen, it's time you changed your TV to Antiglare options. The market is filled with QLED TVs that feature shiny and flat screens. The main disadvantage of these is that it can cause a mirror reflection, making the TV viewing uncomfortable.

Benefits of Anti-Glare TV

Likewise, most new models are HDTVs and have high levels of brightness. Thus, they are uncomfortable for people with sensitive eyes.  Here we look at the benefits of an anti-glare TV.

  • An anti-glare TV helps in eliminating reflections due to bright light, thereby protecting your eyes. It does this by cutting down the light from the light source that leads to eye fatigue. It’s a friend to the rescue as it helps in absorbing the shininess.
  • Quite often, excess light can cause blurred images. This TV reduces contrast, colors, and sharpness on the TV display. Consequently, it’s gentle to the eyes and doesn't cause irritation or straining.
  • If your room is super bright, you can reduce the light by drawing the curtains or restricting the screen time. Thankfully an anti-glare TV comes fitted with triple-layer screen technology that lets you enjoy your viewing even with maximum brightness in your room.

5 Best Anti Glare TV Reviews

There are several options on the market, and at times it can be hard deciding on the brand that will give value. With so many imitations, it can be deceiving trying to figure out what product is authentic. Keep reading as we analyze our top picks.

1. TCL Smart Roku TV 

TCL Smart Roku TV

Glaring can be in the form of shine or a reflection on your TV that prevents you from enjoying your favorite programs. Due to this, your eyes become uncomfortable, and you may opt to shut down your TV.

There is an easy way out since TCL-Smart Roku TV is one of the best anti-glare TVs on the market.

Sleek and stylish are simple words that can describe this TV. Being a 4-series television, it can deliver up to 500000 movies as well as RTV episodes. Furthermore, these are easy and simple to access.

You only need to search the channels by their title, actor/actress, or director for swift access.

The Roku TV allows for a free voice search channel via the Roku mobile app. Hence this offers convenience since you can operate it from your smartphone and tablet device.

You can transform your smartphone or tablet into a Roku remote control through voice. It will enable you to browse, including new channels, and listen to TV audio using headphones to connect to your smartphone or any other mobile device.

Navigating through the use of Roku TV remote is easy and user friendly since it has there are only twenty buttons available. Plus, these buttons are visible and easy to understand.

The quality of this TV is top-notch, and TLC has a brand presence of over 35 years. Hence the products are tested by millions of users globally.

This 4-series TV boasts of high ultra HD picture quality, which is based on HDR technology. Additionally, it does support HDM1 2.0 technology.

The TV has several ports, including three HDM1 2.0 ports, one USB port, a composite headphone jack, optical audio out, and an Ethernet port.

With a generous size of 75 inches, it promises excellent viewing and clarity and quality of the pictures.


  • 75” size TV for ultimate viewing experience
  • Easy to operate and install
  • Elegant features
  • Superior quality picture
  • Remote controlled
  • Crisp clear sound


  • Not compatible with VESA mounting system

2. LG Nano Cell TV 

LG Nano Cell TV

If you're looking for a TV that is easy to mount the wall, then LG Nano Cell is the best option. Even though it's a 65 inches TV, it's unbelievably lightweight, and thus, you'll not have a problem lifting it.

Other than that, it has anti-glare properties that make it easy to view pictures without reflection. Hence, you can watch the programs without feeling an itch on your eyes.

Other than that, it delivers high quality pictures, which makes it ideal for 4K movies and gaming. The pictures are authentic and appear as real and natural, images also have precise color and wide angles, making all scenes in the movies to look real.

LG Nano uses an advanced processor to ensure high quality and smooth pictures with no need to make adjustments. The processor uses the A1 picture, sound, and 4K upscaling, which depends on the source resolution.

LG Nano Cell TV enables you to view a vibrant, active, and wide spectrum of colors, and it is a master of all color handling.

This TV features Dolby-Vision IQ, which allows for adjusting the picture settings and quality depending on ambient lighting conditions and content genes. Therefore, this addresses the issue of glare and reflection when mounted in any place.

Also, it uses Dolby Atmos technology that ensures you get a soft and uninterrupted sound. The TV connects with all wireless devices, smartphones, laptops, and many others. Lastly, several things come with the package, including remote control, power cable, and E-Manual.


  • The picture quality is top-notch
  • Smart features
  • Remote controlled
  • Antiglare and gentle o the eye
  • Easy to set up


  • Some customers complain of an inefficient backlight feature

3. Sony XBR Smart Android TV 

Sony XBR Smart Android TV

The best TV for glare should deliver high-quality pictures at all angles and a crisp, clear sound. Also, it should have up-to-date smart features that are easy to understand and follow.

An excellent smart TV should enable you to access many channels offering TV programs, music, and movies connecting to a TV antenna or subscription for cable or satellite service. Sony XBR Smart Android has all these features and more.

This Sony brand is the best in 4K HDTV picture quality and delivers a high dynamic range color, contrast, and detail. With its dimming technology, pictures of objects appear real and have a clear color distribution.

You'll love the slimness and compactness of this television. It's stylish, elegant, and can match with any house décor.

It’s the best TV for sun glare that includes the X1-extreme processor and 4K, which offers a superior color contrast and brightness.

There's also the X-Motion clarity technology, which ensures the pictures clarity is of a high standard. Hence this controls blurring to ensure there is smooth viewing and images are clear.

Some images will also remain constant, even when a movie has lots of action or movement. Even in speed skating, the colors will remain the same.

This Sony set comes equipped with a voice control feature that allows for Alexa and Google Home's compatibility. Thus, you can control YouTube videos with Goggle Home and change channels or adjust the volume using Alexa.

Additionally, the built-in Goggle Assistant enables you to communicate with the remote to control your TV or any other action you prefer on it. It's a versatile TV set with multiple inputs or ports that enable connection with other devices such as USBs.

Lastly, the package comes with everything to get you started, such as; a voice remote control, batteries, AC power cord spec, and 1R blaster.


  • Remarkable picture quality
  • Made of premium materials for durability
  • Smart features
  • Remote controlled
  • The sound is clear


  • It's unresponsive to some apps



Without a doubt, Samsung is a big name when it comes to electronics products. Samsung Smart TV is a high-quality option and one of the best non glare TV. First of all, it's a modern Ultra HD Smart TV that allows for HDR and Alexa compatibility.

Therefore, with an Alex App, you can set up your Alexa enabled device, listen to music, create a shopping list, get news updates, and many other functions in the comfort of your home.

The Quantum Dot technology in this QLED 4K TV set enables you to watch images with a dazzling range. There's a broad color spectrum with an upscaling of each color to offer the best clarity.

Indeed, its 4K processor upscale content for sharp detail and refined quality. The images are real and clear, whereas the screen is anti-glare with no reflection or shine regardless of your viewing angle.

We find the voice control feature a bonus advantage since you can use your voice to operate the TV. Set up is easy since it comes with a universal guide that lets you locate streaming content and live TV programs.

The Dynamic Black Equalizer ensures you have perfect visibility in the dark. Moreover, the ambient mode in this smart TV enables you to customize many features. For instance, you can display décor, weather info, photos, artwork, and news and create a background theme of your choice.


  • The quality of the picture is outstanding
  • Remote controlled
  • It’s a stylish TV
  • Alexa compatibility
  • Easy to use
  • Superior sound system


  • Remote lacks a backlight feature

5. SAMSUNG QN 55" Smart TV 


Our 55" Samsung TV offers features an HDR performance (High dynamic range) and high contrast ratio. Hence you'll enjoy clear pictures and better color quality, which will make your eyes comfortable even when watching in a bright room.

SAMSUNG QN 55" is a new model with 8K resolution. It means that it can deliver up to 16 times the resolution of full HD to give you high-quality color pictures.

Its HDR processor delivers a quality picture and sound to give you a smart experience. It also reduces the glare and enhances color, which provides vibrant and real images irrespective of the viewing angle. Also, we need to mention that this TV can adapt picture brightness and sound depending on your room's conditions.

Despite the large screen, you'll enjoy viewing clear pictures while the Ambient mode lets you customize and obtain images with natural effects. Hence, it offers a perfect blend with your décor and lifestyle.

It’s the best TV for a bright room, and you can customize the background theme depending on your preference.

The TV set supports the Alexa App for wide application and use. Thus, you can connect Alexa-enabled devices to turn on the TV, change channels, control volume, and many other functions.

Operating is easy since it has a Universal Guide that helps find streaming content and line TV shows with ease.

With this QLED Smart TV, you can control your smart home devices and appliances. It integrates with sound bars, smart speakers, and mobile devices and can connect to external speakers to work as a home theatre.

With the support of Google Assistant, you can change the channels; adjust volume, control playback, and many others using your voice.


  • More advanced
  • High quality pictures
  • The sound is clear than most cheap options
  • Supports Alexa app
  • Easy to use
  • Remote controlled
  • Elegant and sleek design


  • Remote is not user-friendly

Factors to Consider When Buying a TV for a Bright Room 

There are many causes of TV glare, which can lead to discomfort if not properly addressed. This glare may be caused by the color of the room, your TV's location, or bad quality TV set.

In your search for the best TV for bright room, you’ll discover there are many brands on the market. Choosing the right anti-glare TV depends on several factors.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

The HDR is the most preferred feature as it offers brighter highlights and a wide range of colors to produce the best image.

Full HDR TVs can offer greater picture clarity since it can display footage developed in Full HD resolution. Blue-ray DVDs, Free view HD, and video games are produced in higher resolution.

TV for Bright Room

The difference between HDR and 4K is that HDR delivers higher color and brightness range and has more impact than 4K. On the other hand, 4K provides a sharper and more defined image;

Both are up to the task and popular with the digital televisions since they can deliver a high-quality image. HDR can deliver a wide range of brightness and colors, thereby offering real images.


OLED TVs offer a visible brightness even in a bright room. If you have trouble dealing with brightness in your room, you need an anti-glare TV to minimize the reflection.

Screen Resolution and Refresh Rate

Screen resolution is the sharpness of the TV picture in terms of horizontal lines of pixels. On the other hand, a refresh rate is the number of times an image is refreshed. It's mostly in Hz or Hertz, and the standard rate is 60 times/second or 60Hz.

A low refresh rate leads to objects rushing, and the viewing is blurred. Moreover, a high frame rate means clear images. When shopping, buy a smart TV with a refresh rate not less than 120Hz to enjoy clear perfect pictures.

HDMI & Connections

The best TV for bright room should have many HDM1 inputs which makes it versatile. It means that you can add many devices like a decoder, game console, and speakers. Ports should support HDM1 2.0 for future Ultra HD sources. Also, the TV set should have not less than 4HDM1 ports.

Contrast Ratio

Contrast is the range of brightness the TV set can display. It's the difference between the brightest and the darkest point a TV can be. In other words, contrast depicts the difference between a good and a bad picture and image.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How can you minimize or prevent glare on TV?

Try repositioning your TV and locate the place where there is no reflection. To reduce too much light in the room, you may consider putting blinds or shades on the windows. There are many ways to mitigate glare problems with your TV set.

If your TV has anti-glare settings and ambient sensors, you can adjust screen settings to reduce glare. Another way is to switch off some lights since the TV images are more visible in a dark environment.

2. Does mounting a TV minimize glare?

To some extent, yes! Before you mount a TV on your wall, consider whether it will deliver a well-balanced view. If the room has direct sunlight, there may be some reflection, and a little tilt will minimize the glare.

3. Which one is better HDR or 4K?

HDR delivers higher color and brightness range and has more impact than 4K. It can deliver a wide range of brightness and colors, making videos look realistic. 4K provides a sharper and more defined image.

4. Can direct sun rays cause damage to the TV screen

Yes, direct sunlight can cause problems. The chemicals present in the LCD get damaged when exposed to ultraviolet rays, and the excessive heat can damage the screen.

5. Can reflection cause damages to your eyes?

The best TVs for bright rooms have an anti-glare feature. Reflection only causes discomfort when you look at the TV screen, but cannot cause damages. It can also strain your eyes.


There are many TVs in the market, and you are likely to get confused when shopping. For comfortable viewing, you need an anti-glare TV. In our review, we dwelled on the best anti-glare TVs that will give you real value.

We hope that by putting into mind all the factors, you can now pick the best TV for bright rooms that will meet your needs.

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