How to Slice a Brisket

Did you know the technique of slicing a brisket is also considered a culinary art? So, an ordinary knife will not do! You have to choose the perfect one that will protect your reputation in the long run.

It is unacceptable to serve your family or guests in uneven slices that they might find difficult to savor.

Let me tell you how to slice a brisket using the best knives I have encountered so far. Whatever the occasion is, you have to be on your top chef game, yeah?

How to Slice a Brisket 

Brisket slicing is slightly different due to the grains that run in different directions. But it is no rocket science either, so long you have got the right knife.

How to Slice a Brisket
  1. The area where the flat meets the point that comes down is where you make the first cut.
  2. It should be against the brisket grain.
  3. The flat and point should be separated during this cut.
  4. Now use the dividing line to continue slicing the brisket point and serve!

Notable Brisket Knives 

Acquire a brisket knife that is long and serrated. For example, the Victorinox 12-inch Slicing Knife with Granton blade is my most favorite. It is electrical as well as manual.

The knife is durable and sharp, letting consistent cuts/slices while maintaining a well-balanced grip. Although the handle can be small for certain users, it is non-slippery at all times.

Notable Brisket Knives

Another brisket knife has taken over the role of amazing slicing task. The Mercer Culinary Millennia Slicer Knife 14-inch is the king of all brisket slicers because of its long and sturdy blade structure.

If the occasion calls for a large brisket party, look no further! You can use this razor-sharp knife for various meat and hard bread slices. It is easy to maintain and retains corrosion-free quality for a long time.

Slice a Brisket

Lastly, I would like to mention the MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium 11-inch carving knife. Do not be fooled by its simple design and grip. This knife is incredibly sharp to cut any meat or bread kind.

It is rust-free and durable to the point you want to use it daily for slicing briskets. Besides, it is comfortable to grip and delivers even result when perfecting the meat slices.

How to Slice a Brisket

Now, none of the products mentioned will cost you a fortune if it is the price that you are concerned about. A quality brisket knife should not be about the cost but the quality of the blade.

Thankfully, all of these knives tick the box in that category with grace.


The best trick is to slice that juicy and moist meat right before dinner. It retains the warmth inside for a more extended period as you place them on your plate.

Of course, the knife you use will also determine the perfect cuts that everyone will appreciate. So, here is the guide on how to slice a brisket that is so mouthwatering to the point that you want to gobble up without any waiting. Have fun!

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